1/ I just published a massive article called "Recovering Our Lost Free Will Online: Tools and Techniques That Are Available Now" changelog.complete.org/archive

I will summarize some key points in this thread, but please do check out the article.

2/ Recovering free will online

The limitations of #online: sometimes #offline is useful. Think big: if offline were easy, what could you do?

Practically, #NNCP, #UUCP, and #Scuttlebutt all are here today and can help show the way.

3/ Recovering free will online

Free our physical and data link layers. You don't have to use Internet from a phone company. Try #LoRA or #XBee radios, or 5GHz point-to-point. Or, heck, NNCP over USB sticks in a car. #Meshtastic is an off-the-grid IM system that does this. What else could you do if you dream big here?

But LoRa is proprietary, isn't it? A bit different from 802.11 family. I can also mention HAM radio solutions using AX.25 and it's derivatives for transport layer. It should handle nncp perfectly

@kotowski I think Lora is open. NNCP is always encrypted, so can't run over amateur radio. UUCP could though.


@jgoerzen uh, Never heard of encription restrictions over HAM radio, but I can belive that it may vary from country to country.

I am not into much detailes regarding LoRa, but from search I can see that there are still some concerncs
"The LoRa RF protocol that does the radio transmission, is proprietary to Semtech": embeddedcomputing.com/technolo

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@jgoerzen it's free for non commecrcial users right now. But as soon as it's proprietary, the Semtech controlls it and may possibly go against specific use cases.

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