sun9-51.userapi.com/impg/1Zusn GemiNaut

GemiNaut is a user friendly GUI client for the Gemini protocol by Luke Emmet. It aims to provide a comfortable and user

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friendly experience of Gemini on MS Windows.

In many ways it behaves just like a normal web browser, except it is for viewing gemini:// pages.

Gopher sites and document-centric web sites (aka the Small Web) can also be viewed.

Key Features of GemiNaut
- Attractive GUI with familiar browser navigation features
- Focus on readability of content and ease of use
- Smooth content wrap and flow
- Image viewing and

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file downloads
- Content theming engine - view the same content in different visual themes or create your own
- Automatic site based themes - help to distinguish one site from another
- Easily distinguish links outside of Gemini (e.g. to HTTP web servers) from the link style
- View source
- Page level table of contents (Fabric and Dark themes)
- Support Gopher protocol
- Browse simple web sites and HTML content


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- Open source/GPL 3
- Bookmarks


[🔗 MarmaladeFoo: Geminaut](marmaladefoo.com/pages/geminau)

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